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About Acuity

Acuity Brands Lighting is a supplier and manufacturer of a wide array of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Acuity Brands Lighting uses Clear Spider for the general management with its inventory of marketing literature.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Acuity Brands Lighting needed an inventory management solution that would improve services while keeping costs low. Acuity employs sales representatives in multiple locations and needed an inventory solution which would accommodate their current system of employee tracking. Supervisor of Printing and Fulfillment, Vicky Bunn, says “Clear Spider is much more user-friendly. It’s simple to understand and easy to use. It works very well for us now and when we eventually extend our business, we’ll be able to handle that without any difficulty or concern.”

Due to Clear Spider’s flexible software, Acuity’s requirements were met and the efficiency of their inventory management was increased. Clear Spider is the ideal system for Acuity and other forward-thinking businesses that want to be ready for expansion when the time comes.

  • Challenges

    • Efficient distribution of marketing literature to Sales Representatives
    • E-commerce capabilities
  • Solutions

    • Vendor managed inventory
    • Order management
  • Result

    • Facilitated distribution of marketing literature

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About Grainger

Grainger is a Fortune 500 company and is the leading supplier of maintenance repair and operating products. With headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, they are home to over 22,000 employees.They sell over 1,200,000 different products, at 50,000 different locations, from 3,500 suppliers. Some of these products include electrical, vehicle maintenance, hardware, lighting, plumbing, safety, and test items.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Clear Spider’s team of industry experts and software developers helped Grainger implement its VMI and CMI system for both internal and customer use. Together with Clear Spider, Grainger streamlined the order process, set up automatic replenishment, optimized their system for user experience, implemented barcode technology, and much more.

  • Challenges

    • Collaborative inventory system
    • Need for reliable back-end and flexible front-end inventory systems
    • Manage millions of items and thousands of transactions
    • Inventory system that could be used on multiple devices
  • Solutions

    • Replenishment
    • Fulfillment
    • Barcodes and RFID Scanning
    • Vendor managed inventory
    • Order management
    • Locally hosted
    • Batch scanning
  • Results

    • Increased sales
    • Improved delivery performance
    • Decreased stock-outs (10-25%)
    • Higher service-levels
    • Closer business relationships
    • Increased information transparency
    • Shorter lead-times

Want to learn more about Grainger? Read the full case study here.

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About Hempel

Hempel USA is the United States branch of the HEMPEL GROUP, an international network of businesses involved in the production and distribution of paints and industrial coatings. With its plant and main office in Houston, TX, Hempel USA currently has roughly 10 employees using Clear Spider for its internal inventory purposes.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Prior to Clear Spider, Hempel USA was doing inventory the old-fashioned way: they used spreadsheets. They needed to switch to a quicker, more effective way of keeping track of their stock. Hempel USA found that Clear Spider fit their needs perfectly. Clear Spider caught their attention as a user-friendly and well-priced solution. Through the use of RFID and barcode scanning Hempel USA knows where its materials are whenever it is required. This instant information was made available through Clear Spider’s could-based access. “You just open up a browser and you’re there; it’s great!”  says Eric Massey, Hempel Production Manager. As Hempel continues to expand they will be looking to make use of Clear Spider’s VMI solution to grow their business. Clear Spider is the ideal inventory solution for businesses who want quick results, immediate visibility and a simple, no-hassle system at a very competitive price.

  • Challenges

    • Reduce time spent locating and tracking inventory
    • Instantly accessible for both internal inventory and VMI
    • Easy to use
  • Solutions

    • Implement a web-based solution for internal inventory requirements
    • Introduce barcoding and pallet system
  • Results

    • Less time and effort
    • Smooth and seamless integration
    • Improved efficiency of business

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About Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motion and control technologies and systems. With over $10 billion in sales revenues in 2010, keeping track of their supply to meet their demand is a high priority.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Parker Hannifin ’s inventory requirement was limited not only to their own internal operations but also to their distributors. Their distributors needed to have access to Parker Hannifin’s inventory to order their products in a timely and cost-effective manner. Vendor Managed Inventory Product Manager, Trevor Bruning, said, “We needed inventory for two aspects of our business; we need inventory for ourselves and we need inventory for our distributors. Now, if the system is fairly complicated or unexpectedly costly for our distributors to use, then
adopting that system is going to have some negative implications for our business”. Clear Spider’s user-friendly and affordable vendor managed inventory was the perfect fit for Parker Hannifin.

Clear Spider made it possible for Parker Hannifin’s inventory to be accessible by anyone with an internet connection and a browser. This allowed various distributors to access inventory in the most efficient way possible without any of the inconvenience associated with other inventory solutions.

  • Challenge

    • Needed a system that is easy to use, deploy and maintain
  • Solutions

    • Replenishment
    • Barcode and RFID scanning
    • Integration (SAP, EDI)
  • Results

    • Improved distribution retention and attainment
    • Cost reduction
    • Increased customer satisfaction

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