Safe and Secure

We offer around-the-clock hosted protection for safe and secure inventory management.

  • Customized Security

    The security setup can be configured to meet your organization’s specific requirements. It can be set individually for each user, role, and location or for the software program as a whole. Some examples of customizations on a user level include periodic password changes, password strength rules, or automatic session timeout.

  • High Standards

    Clear Spider uses 256-bit SSL encryption – the same standards used for internet banking – to keep your data secure. We also perform daily backups to ensure you never lose any data from your inventory management system. Our solutions use secured biometrics, security guards, and more, to ensure your application is protected and available 24/7.

  • Regular Audits

    Regular monitoring is done to ensure our security is always up to date. Continuous data center performance audits and 3rd party assessments are completed to check for any potential vulnerabilities.

  • Your Data

    Clear Spider is purely focused on inventory management, which means we do not store credit card or other financial data. The data you have on Clear Spider is your data, we do not own it or store it for any secondary use.

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