Articles written about the latest supply chain and inventory management news and trends.

  • lc-in-the-warehouse

    Logistical Challenges in Warehouse Management

    Logistics involve planning and coordination of people, facilities and supplies. In a warehouse, logistics can even include the movement of information and knowledge along with the rest. No doubt, logistical capabilities are becoming important for the survival of any business today. In this blog post, we will take a look and tackle some common challenges emerging […]

  • zara

    Top 3 supply Chains of 2017: Inditex (Zara)

    Gartner recently released its list of Top 25 supply chains of 2017. These supply chains are evaluated on many factors like: ROA (Return on Assets), Inventory Turns, and Revenue Growth. In this 3 part blog series, we will take a look at the Top 3 Supply Chains of 2017 and what they are doing right. At […]

  • smim

    Leveraging Social Media to manage your Inventory

    89% of the businesses use social media in some capacity to market their products. And why shouldn’t they? With billions of people actively connected over various platforms, it presents a huge opportunity. But, how does social media relate to inventory management for a business? Well, let’s find out. Promotional Sales and Discounts You sell online and […]