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  • 4-ways-blockchain-will-revolutionize-supply-chain

    4 Ways Blockchain Will Revolutionize Supply Chain

    What is blockchain? Talk about this technology has been all over the internet lately, but what does it mean? A blockchain is a database of transactions that holds records (blocks). These linked blocks are secured using cryptography. The data in these transactions cannot be changed or deleted, which results in a permanent trail of info. Here’s how blockchain can […]

  • top-5-clear-spider-blog-posts-of-2017

    Top 5 Clear Spider Blog Posts of 2017

    Over the past year, we’ve covered a broad range of industry topics about inventory management and supply chain. Here’s the top five Clear Spider blog posts of 2017:   Five Ways to Effectively Reduce Your Inventory Shortages   Top Ten Benefits of Inventory Management   Five Causes of Obsolete Inventory   How the Internet of […]

  • capterra

    Clear Spider Ranks As The 2nd Most Popular Inventory Management Software

    Capterra, a popular software directory with over 300 categories recently did a new industry research. The goal was to find out the Top 20 Most Popular Inventory Management Software. Many providers were evaluated based on factors such as their number of customers and users along with the social presence. We are proud to say that Clear Spider ranked as […]