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    Circular Supply Chain: A Value Web?

    The comparison of a supply chain to a value ‘web’ is a topic that’s hard for us to not talk about. It is correctly said that supply chains, if built right, can span out like a (Clear) Spider’s web to connect all the suppliers and their partners in the chain. In fact, that is what […]

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    Top 3 Tips for the Healthcare Industry in 2017

    Global healthcare spend is expected to increase to a whopping $8.7 trillion by 2020!  This means that the healthcare industry needs to implement better supply chain management tools to keep up. However, supply chain for healthcare organizations is more complex and involves multiple stakeholders such as insurance companies, group purchasing organizations (GPO) and health regulatory […]

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    End-to-End: Reverse Logistics

    In the final post of the End-to-End series, we move on to the topic of reverse logistics. In this series, we will take you step by step through the supply chain. You will learn how inventory management software can help improve performance across the supply chain. The series will have five posts covering manufacturing, storage, […]