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Why Clear Spider?

    • Cloud-Based Access

      Clear Spider is a cloud-based solution that gives clients access to real-time information from any location worldwide. Users only need an internet connection to access the system.

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    • Powerful Back End

      Our clients choose Clear Spider over any other system because of the power and flexibility it has to accommodate any complexity or type of inventory management needs.

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    • Highly Customizable

      We provide clients with a system that mirrors their inventory workflow to improve overall efficiency. Our system helps clients overcome complex and unique inventory challenges.

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The Clear Spider system comes with functionality designed to improve the way you manage your inventory.

  • Barcodes and RFID Scanning

    Barcode and RFID tags help keep track of inventory, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

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  • Fulfillment and Replenishment

    Use automatic replenishment to maintain inventory levels and ensure orders are never late.

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  • Lot Control and Shelf Life

    Inventory lot control protects your stock from expiring before it is purchased.

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  • Kitting and Light Manufacturing

    Group items that are commonly sold together to increase production efficiency.

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  • Serialized Inventory

    Easily keep track of historical product information with serial numbers.

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  • Return Material Authorization

    Handle returns, repairs, and exchanges with ease by using return material authorization to track items.

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  • Invoice and Billing

    We provide complete invoices and bills that can be customized to fit your organizational needs.

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  • Reports and Analytics

    Run comparisons, create graphs, and generate detailed analyses with reports and analytics.

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  • Consignment Inventory

    Re-gain complete control over your consignment stock that is stored at customer locations.

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Trusted by 100,000+ Companies

The Clear Spider system caters to the inventory management needs of organizations in a wide range of industries.

  • Grainger

    Industrial and Manufacturing

    Grainger is a Fortune 500 company and the leading supplier of maintenance, repair, and operating products. They manage the inventory of 2 million customers in 157 countries with Clear Spider’s VMI solutions. Grainger was experiencing a high level of growth. They needed a solution that could handle the size and complexity of their operations while working to boost efficiency.

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    Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics

    FIDELITONE is a supply chain management firm that provides transportation services to their clients. Their diverse client portfolio required a powerful inventory management system that could support integration and management of a significant amount of information. Clear Spider was able to provide a customized solution that fit all of FIDELITONE’s business needs.

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  • A Plus R

    Retail and Ecommerce

    A Plus R is a home goods and furnishings business with both a retail and online store front. A Plus R needed a customized solution that could fit the needs of their unique business model. They found that other web-based systems were too area specific and did not have the right combination of functions. With Clear Spider they were able to pick and choose functionality to create their perfect solution.

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Explore our Solutions

Clear Spider offers a wide variety of cloud-based inventory management solutions.

  • Inventory Management and Control

    We provide inventory solutions that make monitoring and control easy. Track available goods, identify supply chain shortages, and optimize your inventory.

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    Vendor Managed Inventory

    Enhance communication and smooth your VMI process. We provide both the vendor and supplier with real-time information to increase visibility.

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  • Warehouse Management and 3PL

    Expedite both your customers’ and your own receiving and delivery operations. Have full visibility of your inventory at any stage in the order process.

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    Field Service Inventory Management

    Make use of real-time information to manage vehicle inventory more effectively. Avoid stockouts, increase accuracy, and get the job done in one trip.

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  • Order and Shipping Management

    Manage orders and shipments on our easy-to-use platform. Give customers access to the system so they can create their own orders and view updates.

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    Mobile Solutions

    Improve inventory accuracy with real-time inventory management on-the-go. Employees can update inventory levels wherever they are with the Clear Spider mobile app.

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Unlimited Integration Possibilities

Clear Spider is a highly flexible system that can integrate with any enterprise software on the cloud.

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