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About ADLS

ADLS uses major North American and International 2PL’s and 3PL’s multi-services to help their aerospace customers select, implement, and manage their transportation and logistics solutions. Their services include cargo protection, cargo insurance coverage, order entry inventory control reporting system, and import and export documentation.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Unprotected cargo is often damaged during transport. ADLS cargo protection minimizes damage of expensive machinery and equipment. When damage does take place, ADLS’s use of the Clear Spider inventory tracking system pinpoints where the damage occurred and documents the extent of the damage for review and insurance claims processes.

  • Challenges

    • Track cargo containing expensive machinery and equipment
    • Pinpoint where damage occurs
  • Solutions

    • Fulfillment
    • Consignment
    • Order Management
  • Results

    • Better Accountability
    • Fewer Damages
    • Comprehensive Documentation
    • Greater Profitability
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Mobile web app
    • Image capture

Want to learn more about ADLS? Read the full case study here.

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