Finance and Banking

About Paystation

PayStation is a Canadian cheque security software system that prints, writes and signs cheques, offers cheque protection and additional security in cheque issuing.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Clear Spider makes it possible for PayStation to order scanners and supplies from specialized websites. We created separate portals for each bank. Orders come through the web portal and UPS shipping rates are faxed from the UPS website. Tracking information from UPS support is then retrieved and confirmation emails are sent to clients.

  • Challenge

    • Managing scanners across Canada in¬†different branches
  • Solutions

    • Serialization
    • RMA
    • Lot control
    • Fulfillment and Replenishment
    • Barcode and RFID scanning
    • Vendor managed inventory
    • Integration
    • Order management
    • Locally hosted
  • Results

    • Simplified Supply Ordering
    • Greater Visibility

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