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About A Plus R

Based out of Los Angeles, A Plus R is a home goods and furnishings business with both a retail store and an online department for which it contracts a 3PL to house the goods sold online. As a small online business, A Plus R required an inventory solution that fit the particulars of its retail, warehousing and shipping situation.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Online business owner Andy Griffith chose Clear Spider because of its custom-fit nature: “The main reason I decided to go with Clear Spider as opposed to other web-based inventory solutions was because I could pick and choose what I needed for my business specifically. Seemingly similar software was often too area specific. One would be designed for businesses in the garment industry and another would be designed for retail in furniture. I found Clear Spider to be the most versatile with respect to the actual inventory it manages.”

Before Clear Spider, Mr. Griffith used a general enterprise resource program to try to cover his inventory needs. “It was much more generalized.” he explains, “It had some inventory capabilities but they were few and not especially comprehensive.”

  • Challenges

    • Increase efficiency of ecommerce fulfillment
    • Increase accessibility and visibility of inventory
    • Implement new inventory solution at low cost
  • Solution

    • Introduce a web-based inventory solution with fulfillment capabilities
  • Result

    • Increased inventory efficiency Worldwide accessibility for all A Plus R employees

About RG

Roc Gear is a company based out of Commerce, Georgia, which sells a variety of camping and other outdoor equipment. As of July 2011, it operates 8 online stores through Yahoo and it runs Clear Spider software for all its inventory needs.

What Clear Spider Has Done

Mr. Jay Buell, CEO and founder of Roc Gear, realized that the “one size fits all” inventory system with which he started did not suit his business. He found it too difficult to allocate merchandise from the warehouse where it was being held, to the store which needed it most. Mr. Buell knew that he had to rethink his inventory strategy if he was going to be able to give his whole business the attention it needed to thrive. One of Clear Spider’s greatest strengths is that it is an ideal web-based inventory management solution for online businesses.

In 2006, Mr. Buell chose to switch to Clear Spider. “Using it (Clear Spider) has definitely cut the time spent on inventory in half…at least”, he says, “and as for creating purchase orders, there has been an 80% increase in time savings”. Clear Spider’s immediate visibility and universal accessibility are also major advantages to Mr. Buell’s inventory situation: “It’s great because when I need to know something about inventory, I just open up my web browser and check. It’s all there.” Roc Gear provides a perfect example of just how much switching to Clear Spider can improve the health and success of an online business.

  • Challenges

    • Find a program suitable for managing inventory
    • Make sure inventory solution meets requirements for online business
  • Solution

    • Web-based inventory management for improved visibility and efficiency
  • Results

    • Increased facility of inventory access
    • 80% increase in purchase orders
    • Improved customer relations

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