Get Ready For Back-To-School Shopping

  1. cart filled with items from back-to-school shopping

Welcome to our newest blog series!

Over the next couple weeks, our blog posts will talk about one of the largest shopping seasons – back-to-school shopping.

Back-to-school shopping is considered the second largest shopping season that happens throughout the year. It falls shortly behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It includes more than just pens, pencils, and paper. New clothes and shoes, as well as laptops and tablets are considered to be on that shopping list.

When thinking of back-to-school shopping, most people think of elementary school or high school. However, revenues from back-to-school shopping are higher for the College and University students.

According to The National Retail Federation (NRF)this year’s back-to-school spending levels will be the highest ever per household. Back-to-school deals and events, such as Amazon Prime day, pushes the season to start even earlier. A survey showed that 91% of people planned to do back-to-school shopping on Prime Day, which happened in mid-July.

Back-to-school shopping affects most of the retail industry with 89% of retailers believing that there is more competition for the attention of back-to-school shoppers than ever before.

Over the next couple weeks we will dive deeper into online back-to-school shopping and in store back-to-school shopping, as well as the back-to-school supply chain.

Stay tuned!

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