Biggest Packaging Mistakes To Avoid

Fall has arrived! Along with a new season comes large amounts of new merchandise to manage in your warehouse. This means new products and more, you guessed it, packaging. Avoid making these packaging mistakes and maximize the efficiency and profitability of your company! 

Packaging mistakes can come in different forms and sizes. While a simple task as packing and managing inventory may seem simple on the outside, the whole process is a web of parts that all rely on each other. When one complication arises, more quickly follow suit. A disorganized process is ineffective and wastes employee time and resources. 

3 Biggest Packaging Mistakes

Improper Use of Material

Currently, the global heavy-duty corrugated packaging market is estimated to increase by 5 percent by 2029. What does this mean for packaging? It means new and improved methods of quality packaging. Double-wall (corrugated) boxes are predicted to gain popularity in the market within the coming years.

Double-wall (corrugated) boxes:  These are crush resistant box packaging that stack effortlessly. This reduces wasted inventory space and saves your company money in the long run. The boxes are lightweight and are made out of organic material which allows them to be 100 percent recycled! 

Therefore, by saving space and money, using corrugated packaging is the next step to maximize efficiency in your company’s packaging material. 

Not Thinking of Your Customer

Many companies forget to acknowledge their customers when thinking of packaging. Using poor packaging practices will affect the customer experience. Your packaging is another part of the company brand. Poor and faulty packaging of an item means an unsatisfied customer. 

For example, a customer orders an item from your company. The customer then receives the item in a partly crushed box with disorganized labelling. Before seeing the item, the customer’s initial impression of your company’s product is low. 

Put thought into how you package to meet your company’s needs and the customer’s needs. 

Mispacked and Mismanaged Items

Maintaining a successful warehouse, where your items are packaged and shipped correctly and efficiently is hard work. The final biggest packaging mistake is the improper management of your company’s inventory. Items packed with incorrect quantities will lower your quality of service. 

Improper management of your items leads to common inefficiencies such as damaged and misplaced items, incorrect quantities of product, as well as the inability to fulfill customer orders. Ensure your company has the proper resources to manage your inventory. Look for systems that are capable of meeting the needs of your company, whether that’s providing real-time data or proper tracking capabilities, it will significantly make packaging your items more efficient. 

In Summary 

There are multiple factors to consider when packaging your company’s items. Ensure the packaging saves space in the warehouse, while also optimizing the cost. Next, find the value in the customer experience and adjust packaging accordingly. Finally, manage your packaging and the rest of your inventory efficiently by finding a proper management system. 

At Clear Spider, we use our inventory management software to help your company achieve simple and efficient service for your customers. Ask us about how we can help make the packaging process simpler for you!


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