Spotlight Series: Clear Spider Company Culture

Working at Clear Spider: Company Culture

Company culture bridges the gap between employees working together and driven team members. It guides collaboration, increases productivity and performance and creates a high sense of morale throughout your company’s work environment. 

Here at Clear Spider, we are dedicated to fostering a hardworking team environment. In the words of one of our employees, “our team works together not only as peers or coworkers but as friends and family.” 


Company Culture: Working Culture

We believe that to be successful with our clients, we must have a strong foundation within the Clear Spider team. That’s why we strive to support and guide our employees.


“Anytime I’ve needed help or feedback on a piece of work or project of mine the team has been very quick and responsive in providing assistance. Emphasis is put on having a healthy work-home life and our management genuinely cares that we are doing well outside the workplace as well as inside it”

“I love the working culture of the company. There is no micromanagement and management doesn’t give you any type of pressure. We are responsible for our own client’s deliverables” 

“Team members are very supportive. Great environment to work in”

“Detail-oriented workplace with great leadership. We are encouraged to make our own decisions and take initiative with regards to our work”


Company Culture: Favorite Event Memories

Our employees have flexible work hours because at Clear Spider we understand the importance of having a work/life balance. This work/life balance extends into our own team dynamic which is why Clear Spider hosts a variety of company events. Some of our team’s favourite memories during their time at Clear Spider are the company events.


“Favorite memory is definitely from one of our company events. I really enjoyed the boat cruise in the summer!” 

“All the work social events are fun. My favorite was probably Niagara Falls in 2017-this year’s event should be even better!”

“From visiting Ripley’s Aquarium to going to the Toronto harbor cruise, to axe-throwing, it’s all been a blast!”


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