Spotlight Series: Clear Spider

Welcome to the Clear Spider Spotlight Series! Today we showcase who we are and what we do! Tune in for the next few weeks to learn more about how our team works to best serve our clients and why our employees choose to work here at Clear Spider.


Who are we?

Our fearless leaders Paul and Ken formed Clear Spider in response to something missing in the inventory management industry. Customer’s needs in the inventory management industry just weren’t being met by other companies and thus, Clear Spider was formed. 

Why Clear Spider?

The Clear Spider name stems from the intentions within our software and our service. There are two driving factors in Clear Spider’s service. We believe that transparency and visibility are the key to produce effective collaboration between partners! 

Our system is designed to be nimble (like a spider) and functions through web access. This creative solution allows our clients to structure their inventory management the way that works best for them and effortlessly track their products through every step in their supply chain process! 

What do we do?

Clear Spider is a cloud-based inventory management software. The software continuously updates data to the server in real-time, solving inventory issues that are ignored by other companies. It allows the clear visibility companies need throughout their inventory management process. The system customizes to each business’ needs making it the most unique in the field!


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