Spotlight Series: Why Clear Spider?

The employees on the Clear Spider team drive our company! Whether its interacting with our clients, working to improve the development behind our software or working alongside each other, our team demonstrates passion and drive in everything they do! 


How do you Choose a Company to Apply to?

When choosing a company to work for there are key values that people look for. A great company will inspire you to grow your skills and support you in continuous learning. 


Things to Look for in a Company:

  1. Company Fit and Work Culture:
    • Do your values align with what the company values
    • What is the company culture? Can you see yourself a part of it? 
  2. Team Members
    • Are these the kind of people you can see yourself working with?
    • How does the team challenge each other to be better?
  3. Room to grow in the company
    • What resources does the company provide that allows you to advance your skills and abilities?
    • How do you see your work making an impact?
  4. Security/Stability 
    • How does the company value its employees?
    • Does the job environment allow you to succeed?


Our Team At Clear Spider

Here’s what some of our employees have to say about working at Clear Spider! 


Why Did you Choose to Work at Clear Spider?

“I enjoyed the interview process. Clear Spider looked like an interesting company to work for with a great management team and growth opportunities.”

“Clear Spider felt like it was a great fit for me, personally and career-wise”

“I like when a company challenges you in your work – you’re never bored and always supported!” 

“I applied right out of university to jobs in the business sector, and ended up getting a job at Clear Spider. The people and the work environment were awesome, and I have worked here ever since.”


What is your Favourite Part of Working at Clear Spider? 

“Definitely the people. Everyone is a good balance of professional and fun – they take their work seriously to produce stellar results but also know how to relax and be less serious when it’s appropriate. It definitely adds to the positive atmosphere of the office”

“The team environment and the fact that we are given autonomy in our work” 

“Great work-life balance”

“Working with peers as friends and family- we are a tight knit bunch!” 



Our employees are hardworking team members. Together we strive to create the best service for our clients with transparency in everything we do.


Want to learn more about working at Clear Spider? Send us an email today!