Inventory Management: Infographics Series

Welcome to our new blog series titled “Inventory Management: Infographics Series”! This series focuses on different infographics published on our website that are designed to answer common inventory questions.

Infographics are a great way to visually communicate information about relevant topics. So, we will take this opportunity to expand on the content from these resources and provide our readers an in-depth view on inventory management.

Here are the 7 infographics that we will cover:

  1. Introduction to Inventory Management : Learn about why you need an inventory management system, visibility across the supply chain and what a system should be able to do for you.
  2. Who Needs Inventory Management? : We will talk about who (and when) needs an inventory management with the help of a real example about the whole process from an incoming order to the delivery.
  3. Benefits of Inventory Management : This infographic talks about the top 10 benefits of Inventory Management and how it can help in improving operational efficiency.
  4. Consequences of Poor Inventory Management: We covered the benefits of an IMS. But what are the consequences of not having one? Check out the top 10 drawbacks in this post.
  5. What are my options? : Given so many alternatives out there, what are your options? Should you buy or build a system, license it or get a cloud based solution? This infographic analyzes some more options too.
  6. Why Do Something? : It’s easy to do nothing about an inventory system, but that comes at a cost. Read about why you should emphasize on an IMS and how Clear Spider can help.
  7. Why Clear Spider? : In this last post of the series, we will give you 7 reasons as to what makes Clear Spider a robust Inventory System and trusted by over 100,000+ companies.

Feel free to let us know if there are more topics or content that you’d like us to cover. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for the first post!

Want to check out the infographics on our website? Here’s the link.