4 Reasons to Integrate Inventory Software with Your ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have many benefits that are attractive to companies. For example, controlling operations from a single system, reducing complexity, and stronger customer relations. But how beneficial are ERP systems when managing your inventory? Like most all-in-one software, the capabilities and quality are lesser than that of specialized software. For some areas of your business, the all-in-one-solution may work perfectly fine.

However, if you have many unique processes happening at the same time, this may complicate. ERP customizations have limits, will raise system cost, make upgrades a hassle, and slow down implementation. These systems are not very flexible and are not able to adapt to unique or complex processes. Integrating a customizable inventory management system with your ERP can help you tackle challenges that your ERP cannot.

Here are four reasons why you should integrate inventory software with your ERP:

Cost-effective and Quick Implementation

Purchasing a system will be less expensive than trying to customize your ERP inventory module. Customizable software companies focus their efforts on tailoring their systems. They have the resources and flexibility to implement their systems far quicker than to customize your enterprise resource planning system.

High Quality Inventory System

Integrating with an ERP will increase your inventory control and visibility. Stand-alone systems deliver better quality than the inventory module in your ERP. Their prime purpose is to manage and control your inventory. As a result, it can handle thousands of items moving to various locations around the globe. A better quality system will help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, strengthen customer relationships. Inventory systems are more effective at solving your inventory challenges. Similarly, a Swiss Army Knife will not be as effective as a stand-alone of the tools it contains.

Advanced Customization

Systems that you can customize are extremely robust and highly advanced. As a result of the flexibility, every aspect of the system can be tailored to your inventory processes. For example, you can brand the system with your company logo. Additionally, you can give customized user based-roles that can limit a user’s ability to view or edit the system. Also, you are able to develop your own functionality in addition to what is pre-built into the system. ERP systems force you to adapt their functionality, whereas standalone systems will mold your current workflow.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Cloud inventory software is hosted and maintained by developers from your software provider. This means your company does not need to provide additional resources or hardware to take care of the system. It will be upgraded for your organization and you will not need lengthy upgrade installations. An ERP system can be much more difficult to update. If your organization makes several customizations, updating the system may not be an option.

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