Time’s Up! Stop Hitting Snooze & Update Your Inventory Management System

  1. Time's Up! Update Your System to Avoid Inventory Management Problems

It’s common to delay fixing a problem until you no longer can. A weak inventory management system triggers problems, which can’t be fixed overnight. Once you realize where the gaps are in your system, you can take steps to fix them. This blog will help you identify your inventory management problems, and show you how to fix them.

Inventory Management Problems

Identifying the issues:

  1. Manually managing your inventory: It makes it very difficult to keep track of your inventory, when you are only using pen and paper. This almost always leads to human error, inventory discrepancies, and wasted time.


  1. Not counting enough: It is crucial to keep an up-to-date list of your inventory. This helps to catch shrinkage and inventory discrepancies early, before they become too large of an issue. Bigger issues, result in more money lost. For example, if you only count your stock once a year, then your report will have a year’s worth of discrepancies, making it difficult to pinpoint where any issues may have been caused.


  1. A disorganized warehouse: It is impossible to keep track of anything if it’s disorganized. If your products are all over the place and hidden in different areas, this diminishes your businesses efficiency and costs money.


  1. A large volume of inventory: If you have a large amount of inventory, you will need an inventory management system. It is very difficult to manage a lot of inventory without a system, which could lead to a cut in profits, or tied up capital.


  1. Inadequate forecasting: Without accurate forecasting, you don’t know how much you need and any particular item. This results in having too much of one, and not enough of another.


  1. Lacking customer service: If a consumer asks if the item she wants is available at another location, you should be able to answer it in less than two minutes. If you aren’t able to, there is a gap in your current inventory system.


  1. Complex operations: If you operate in many locations, or do business in different languages and currencies, you need a system that supports that. Without it, you can’t handle the complexity of your operations.


  1. You aren’t getting the right data: If your system doesn’t collect the right data, or you can’t measure or extract it, you will have a hard time making decisions.

Once You Realize You Need Inventory Management

If you are experiencing any of these problems, then you need to evaluate your current system and what an inventory management system could do for you. A new, more robust system, could not only resolve your current issues, but also any future ones.

An inventory management system can add speed and agility to your business, increase revenue, as well as save you headaches. You could see improvement within a year!

Using an inventory management system will digitize your inventory processes. This helps to adjust levels, update your records, and keep track of all of your products and how they’re performing. It will also help with cycle-counting, which will keep an up-to-date list of your entire inventory, because the inventory is synced with sales. In addition, it will keep all of your inventory organized throughout your warehouse saving you time and money, while keeping your customers happy.

Overall And How Clear Spider Helps

Inventory management is crucial in order for you to effectively manage your warehouses and products. Clear Spider has many solutions to help with any inventory needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Don’t delay. Time’s up! Stop hitting snooze and update your inventory management system!

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