New Technology Changing The Supply Chain

  1. New technology changing the supply chain - Augmented Reality- Computerized brain

Welcome to our new blog series!

In these next couple posts we will be talking about:

  • augmented reality (AR)
  • virtual reality (VR)

You will learn the difference between them, what their uses are, and how they help with inventory management.

Almost everyone now has heard of AR, and VR. The most common use for these technologies is video games. However, most people don’t put them together don’t link them with inventory management and how it extremely helps your business. These emerging technologies make the processes of getting products from one place to another as quickly, cost effective, and as accurate as possible. They could be the key to a smooth supply chain and an efficient inventory management system.

Since data is more accessible now than ever before, it makes it possible to program these into addressing the challenging aspects of running a business.

An interesting fact about these technologies is that they communicate from machine-to-machine and machine-to-humans. Therefore, using AR, and VR gives you the opportunity to improve upon common concerns. This is because they are able to think intelligently, learn, and make decisions.

Over the next few weeks we will dive deeper into what each technology is and how they’re useful to your company.

Stay tuned!

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