3 Strategies To Reskill Your Employees for AI Technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one technology that has been hailed as the most disruptive. As automation becomes more sophisticated, it’s no wonder there has been a major increase in companies adopting and implementing AI systems.

Although there are major benefits that will transform business processes and productivity that derived from introducing AI into your workplace, there is one main problem that could slow down the progress. The fact is, most people are not trained, or qualified, to use this technology. In addition, there are not many data scientists and AI experts available. The other option is to look at strategies to reskill your employees.

What is AI?

AI is a computer system that works and acts the way humans do, using cognition, reasoning, and problem solving. It learns its environment and what actions to take. Some devices are more intelligent than others. They learn on their own, with little to no direction or pre-set algorithms. SIRI, Alexa, facial recognition, self-driving cars, and suggested searches that “pop” up for us, are some examples of AI.

When AI Takes Over

AI is replacing a lot of the high-level, judgment-based skill sets. In addition, robotics are replacing many of the services and manufacturing positions.

This leaves people questioning what kind of jobs will be left for them to do in the future.

AI and human interaction work together. Investments cannot capitalize on AI, if there is an absence of human consumption. Research found that enterprises that reimagine work around human and AI collaboration outperform those that focus solely on automation by more than three times. This can be found in areas such as speed, scalability, flexibility, and decision making. 

Strategies to Reskill Your Employees

When looking to integrate new technologies such as AI into your business practices, it is important to ensure that you are not replacing your employees. You need to give them the tools to succeed, while they work with new technology.

Here are three skills to ensure a seamless collaboration between your employees and AI.

  1. Identify the skills in front of you. Forecast the new types of jobs and what skills are needed to do that job. Once you do, develop specific training processes so that your employees are ready when the time comes.


  1. Keep your current employees. Laying-off and rehiring is a timely and costly process.  It is far more efficient and affordable to retain and retrain the employees you already have. Your current employees are familiar with your company, customers, and already have years of experience.


  1. Training. Developing and deploying useful training can take a very long time, however it is crucial to the success of your employees and your business. Take the time and work with your employees to further refine their skills so that there is the collaboration between them and AI.


AI is a huge asset to all processes throughout companies, but works even better when there is a partnership with employees. It is costly and time consuming to look for and hire new data scientists and AI experts. There are many strategies to help reskill your employees so that they will have a better understanding of the technology and how to incorporate it into their everyday job.  

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