Top 3 Barriers in Supply Chain That Affect the Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the key to your organization’s success. In fact, in a recent survey by BlueJay Solutions, six in ten supply chain professionals believe that the customer experience is more important than price when it comes to the purchase of new technologies

With this in mind, it is important to foster a great customer experience. Equally as important, is being aware of barriers which could negatively impact your customer’s experience. 

Three Barriers That Affect Your Customer’s Experience


1. Siloed Systems and Processes Barriers

Siloed systems refers to the progressions within an organization and the use of their software systems. This order of systems creates processes that are disconnected from each other, harming efficiency in your operation and creating a barrier between you and your customer. 

Notice the disconnect and explore new ways of achieving a more efficient and connected process.

2. Outdated Systems Barriers

Every business strives for quality and efficiency, especially in terms of a supply chain. However, using outdated systems creates a barrier for this.  Clients easily feel the effects of high lead times, delays in customer service outreach, or inventory shortages which causes the customer experience to plummet. 

If your customers are experiencing problems like delays with your service, it will absolutely alter their view on your company. Break down that barrier and recognize that it’s time for a change of system

3. Goal Alignment Barriers

The final barrier which creates problems in supply chain are the inconsistencies in goals and objectives within an organization. Blurry goals will be misinterpreted and as a result, lead to disconnect, stunting the collaboration and the overall processes within your team. 

Instead, clearly lay out objectives and work towards common goals, increasing collaboration and maximizing the ability of your company to offer a competitive service.

To Conclude

Customer experience is quickly becoming the highlighting factor when choosing and using a service.

Siloed processes, outdated systems and goal alignment barriers heavily impact  a company’s interaction with customers. Boost your company’s success by breaking down those barriers!


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