Top Six Benefits of Cloud-Based Software

What is cloud-based software and how does it differ from local installations? Instead of on your hard drive, cloud-based software lives on the web. As a result, your data is easy to access and the software is scalable to suit your business needs.

Here are the top six benefits of using cloud-based software:


Cloud storage makes your data easy to access from anywhere in the world. With the cloud, you are not restricted to one computer or hard drive to access your info. Also, there is no need for time-consuming installations or downloads. Your employees can access and share data as long as they have an internet connection. They could be on the job site or in the office, doing real-time work through cloud-based software.


Keeping all of your data on your internal servers can take up a lot of space and require a lot of upkeep. In contrast, the cloud allows you to avoid wasting internal server space and the labor required to maintain those servers. Software on the cloud is flexible, and can easily increase storage capacity as your business grows.

Easy upgrades

Cloud-based software can make upgrades to your system faster and more frequently than that not on the cloud. These updates can be automatic and are less disruptive to employees than non-cloud updates. Also, since it is not on your hard drive, your IT department avoids scheduling time-consuming company-wide updates.


Security is important to any business, so keeping company information private and secure is vital. Storing data on the cloud may seem like a less secure option, but this is far from the truth. Cloud-based software is actually more secure since these companies have employees dedicated to this cause. In contrast, companies using non-cloud software have to host their own data. Usually, they do not have enough support or resources to ensure that their servers are secure. As a result, these firms are more vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Worried about losing your data? Cloud-based software is much better than non-cloud counterparts at ensuring there is a backup plan. Using the cloud makes it effortless to create back-ups of your data. These back-ups can be done automatically and frequently, minimizing your lost data. On the other hand, non-cloud based software can take much more time. For example, the cloud could be creating backups hourly, while local software could do this daily. As well, non-cloud based software can take a long time to recover data once it has been lost. This will force your company to slow down operations until you can get the data that you need.

Simple integrations

Using cloud-based software, you can also take advantage of cloud integrations. These allow your company to easily integrate with other cloud-based software, so all of your solutions are working together.

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