Top Ten Benefits of Inventory Management

Managing inventory is important in all aspects of a business. This can help you gain visibility across your entire supply chain. With an inventory management solution in place, your business will enjoy many benefits.

Here are the top 10 perks:

1) Increased Sales

Businesses who actively manage their inventory report a 2-10% increase in sales.

2) Increased Information Transparency

Know when items are received, picked, packed, shipped, kitted, manufactured, etc. Also, know when you need to order more, when you’re over-stocked, or under-stocked.

3) Shorter Lead Times

Businesses who actively manage their inventory report a 50% reduction in lead times.

4) Lower Costs

Effective inventory management practices help result in decreased inventory write-offs, plus lower inventory holding costs. Carrying extra inventory can be very costly for your firm. 

5) Improved Delivery Performance

Real-time inventory updates improve the flow of goods to customers.

6) Increased Employee Efficiency

Good inventory management solutions save time. Less time spent on managing inventory results in greater productivity for you and your clients.

7) Accurate Planning

Stay steps ahead of the game and always have the right amount of products on hand by making decisions based on inventory trends.

8) Decreased Stock-Outs

Businesses who actively manage their inventory report a 10-25% decrease in stock-outs.

9) Increased Customer Loyalty

Improve your accuracy and efficiency, and your customers will love you for it. They’ll trust you to fulfill their needs, and you’ll have exactly what they’re looking for when they come back for more.

10) Increased Inventory Turnover

Optimize the value of goods you have and increase inventory turnover by keeping fewer slow-moving products on hand, while increasing your stock levels on profitable goods.

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