Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Mobile Technology

Over the past few years, companies have been under increasing pressure to improve warehouse operations. The rise of eCommerce and omnichannel networks call for a high level of efficiency. As a result, supply chains are becoming more complex. One way companies are overcoming this hurdle is through the use of mobile technology.

Mobile tech helps companies improve their warehouse operations in many different ways. For example, mobile devices allow for hands-free mobility, faster data entry, and more advanced tracking. Improving warehouse efficiency is about improving the overall operations in the warehouse. Using mobile technology, you provide workers with a more effective way to accomplish tasks.

Hands-Free Operation

Mobile barcode scanners were just the beginning.  Now, innovations with wearable tech, AR, and RFID are emerging. Thus, hands-free operations are becoming more and more possible. So, what can you improve with this hands-free technology? Viewing pick or pack lists, scanning items, and locating bins are just a few of the tasks. As a result, these innovations have helped companies greatly increase overall productivity levels in their warehouses.

Faster Data Entry

From using barcode and RFID scanners, data entry can now be a quick one-step process. This includes speeding up the process of receiving new shipments, performing cycle counts, or packing orders. Keying in each item’s details is an out-of-date process and a waste of time. Instead, one  scan can perform the same task in a fraction of the time.

Implementing scanning with mobile devices can greatly improve efficiency and cut down on task completion time. Instead, you can optimize your labour for value-adding activities. 

More Advanced Tracking

Through the use of mobile technology and inventory software, you can greatly improve visibility in your supply chain. As a result of mobile devices, info is updated more regularly and in a timely manner. This allows you to know exactly what is in each inbound or outbound order, where they are, and when they will arrive. Integrating inventory software with mobile tech provides a 360-degree view of your inventory. Thus, you will be more informed and react quicker to supply chain events. This advanced tracking can greatly improve your supply chain.

In conclusion, the use of mobile tech in the warehouse can greatly reduce errors and improve efficiency. As supply chain demand and complexity rise, it is harder for firms to be efficient. Mobile technology is a great way for companies to overcome this challenge.