Series: Barcode Scanner Guide

  • Offline Data Collection Barcode Scanner Guide - Featured Image

    Barcode Scanner Guide: Offline Data Collection Scanner

    An offline data collection barcode scanner collects and stores data in its internal memory. Once placed on a docking station, these scanners can transmit the collected data to an inventory system. Offline data collection scanners come in a variety of forms. The most common style for these scanners is wireless and handheld. In addition to basic offline […]

  • Barcode Scanners Guide - Bluetooth Companion Featured Image

    Barcode Scanner Guide: Bluetooth Companion Scanners

    Bluetooth Companion Scanners are ideal for those looking for an affordable implementation. A companion scanner works with a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device to collect data. These scanners are physically separate from their partner device. Instead, they use a Bluetooth connection to pass info. However, companion scanners do not have display screens to see during scanning. […]

  • Barcode Scanner Guide - Mobile Computer Featured Image

    Barcode Scanner Guide: Mobile Computer Scanner

    A mobile computer barcode scanner combines the power of a handheld scanner and PC device. These scanners  have onboard computers and wirelessly connect to the internet. With similar functions to a smartphone or tablet, they are designed for the purpose of data entry and computing. As a result, they are much more powerful. Mobile computers […]

  • Barcode Scanning Guide - Smarphone Sled

    Barcode Scanning Guide: Smartphone Sled Scanner

    Smartphone scanners (or Sled scanners) are barcode scanning tools that attach to your smartphone.  Most smartphones already have scanning capability through the camera. However, smartphones are not meant for this purpose so the process is slow, inefficient, and difficult. Sled scanners, which attach to your smartphone like a case, remedy this tech issue. These scanners are a […]