Barcodes and RFID

  • when not to use RFID scanning and how to choose the right tools

    When NOT To Use RFID: Choosing the Right Tools for Your Supply Chain

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that is consistently receives attention in supply chain news. It is no secret that RFID is a highly useful tool that many companies rely on. Businesses continue to implement it in a variety of ways into their systems on an ongoing basis. But despite the buzz, is it […]

  • Logistical Challenges in Warehouse Management

    Logistics involve planning and coordination of people, facilities and supplies. In a warehouse, logistics can even include the movement of information and knowledge along with the rest. No doubt, logistical capabilities are becoming important for the survival of any business today. In this blog post, we will take a look and tackle some common challenges emerging […]

  • Top 3 Supply Chains of 2017: Inditex (Zara)

    Gartner recently released its list of Top 25 supply chains of 2017. These supply chains are evaluated on many factors like: ROA (Return on Assets), Inventory Turns, and Revenue Growth. In this 3 part blog series, we will take a look at the Top 3 Supply Chains of 2017 and what they are doing right. At […]

  • Healthcare supply chain management

    Top 3 Tips for the Healthcare Industry in 2017

    Global healthcare spend is expected to increase to a whopping $8.7 trillion by 2020!  This means that the healthcare industry needs to implement better supply chain management tools to keep up. However, supply chain for healthcare organizations is more complex. They involve multiple stakeholders such as insurance companies, group purchasing organizations (GPO), and health regulatory […]

  • Offline Data Collection Barcode Scanner Guide - Featured Image

    Barcode Scanner Guide: Offline Data Collection Scanner

    An offline data collection barcode scanner collects and stores data in its internal memory. Once placed on a docking station, these scanners can transmit the collected data to an inventory system. Offline data collection scanners come in a variety of forms. The most common style for these scanners is wireless and handheld. In addition to basic offline […]

  • Barcode Scanners Guide - Bluetooth Companion Featured Image

    Barcode Scanner Guide: Bluetooth Companion Scanners

    Bluetooth Companion Scanners are ideal for those looking for an affordable implementation. A companion scanner works with a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device to collect data. These scanners are physically separate from their partner device. Instead, they use a Bluetooth connection to pass info. However, companion scanners do not have display screens to see during scanning. […]

  • Barcode Scanner Guide - Mobile Computer Featured Image

    Barcode Scanner Guide: Mobile Computer Scanner

    A mobile computer barcode scanner combines the power of a handheld scanner and PC device. These scanners  have onboard computers and wirelessly connect to the internet. With similar functions to a smartphone or tablet, they are designed for the purpose of data entry and computing. As a result, they are much more powerful. Mobile computers […]

  • Barcode Scanning Guide - Smarphone Sled

    Barcode Scanning Guide: Smartphone Sled Scanner

    Smartphone scanners (or Sled scanners) are barcode scanning tools that attach to your smartphone.  Most smartphones already have scanning capability through the camera. However, smartphones are not meant for this purpose so the process is slow, inefficient, and difficult. Sled scanners, which attach to your smartphone like a case, remedy this tech issue. These scanners are a […]

  • Digital Supply Chain Transformation - Featured Image

    The Digital Supply Chain Transformation

    With all the technology available in the supply chain industry today, digital transformation is inevitable. Many organizations are using a mix of technologies to allow further accessibility, flexibility, agility, and collaboration in their operations. RFID, cloud data storage, and analytics tools are becoming increasingly popular in helping organizations achieve this digital image. Supply chain is […]

  • Mobile technology in the warehouse - Feature Image

    Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Mobile Technology

    Over the past few years, companies have been under increasing pressure to improve warehouse operations. The rise of eCommerce and omnichannel networks call for a high level of efficiency. As a result, supply chains are becoming more complex. One way companies are overcoming this hurdle is through the use of mobile technology. Mobile tech helps companies improve […]

  • Saving with Inventory Software - Featured Image

    Investing in Inventory Software Can Save You Money

    Investing in inventory software can be a big step for any organization. The question that most firms want an answer to is: “What will my return on investment (ROI) be?” The answer is largely the same: You get what you put in. Inventory processes vary for different organizations. So, inventory software that caters to your individual needs […]

  • Supply Chain Trends - Featured Image

    3 Trends That Will Make Companies Rethink Their Supply Chain in 2016

    In 2015, many supply chain trends came to the forefront. Logistics collaboration, omnichannel services, and the trucker shortage all became relevant topics of discussion. So the questions is, what can we expect in 2016? New supply chain trends are emerging quickly. Although there are many answers, we  will be taking a look at a few trends […]