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  • Robbers affecting your inventory shrinkage.

    Is Inventory Shrinkage Robbing Your Profits?

    Inventory is an important part of your business. It’s what makes you money! Inventory shrinkage reduces the potential profit that you could be making. Shrinkage happens due to many different reasons and results in changes to your business and an overall loss of sales. This identifies what  items from your inventory have been recorded on […]

  • Top Inventory Management Systems – Clear Spider in Top 3

    Once again Clear Spider ranks on Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Inventory Management Software –3rd place to be exact! Capterra is a popular software directory that has over 700 categories. They found a gap in the market because there was no online or offline resource. As a result, Capterra researches and creates this list. Therefore, […]

  • There are $1.75 Trillion Reasons to Care about the Ghost Economy

    In a research report in 2015, IHL Group, a retail analyst firm, found that $1.75 trillion dollars are lost every year due to the ghost economy. The term ghost economy is unknown to many retailers. It’s the hidden costs that appear due to inefficiencies that are preventable. They are made up of many components. Instead […]

  • 8 Ways to Better Manage Seasonal Inventory

    Forecasting your inventory levels can be tricky, especially when it comes to inventory that relies on seasonal demand. With seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter equipment, or back-to-school supplies, you have a shorter time frame to turn inventory into sales. You could be forced to heavily mark down your items if you overstock, and you […]

  • Clear Spider Kiosk: The Complete Inventory Solution

    At Clear Spider, we are always looking for ways to give our customers more. We are thrilled to be announcing the release of the Clear Spider Kiosk. If you’ve been waiting for the complete inventory solution, this is it. Using a robust back-end and state-of-the-art hardware, it combines the best of both worlds. The built-in scanner can scan on […]

  • Top 5 Clear Spider Blog Posts of 2017

    Over the past year, we’ve covered a broad range of industry topics. To name a few, inventory management, supply chain, logistics, etc. Here’s the top five Clear Spider blog posts of 2017:   Five Ways to Effectively Reduce Your Inventory Shortages   Top Ten Benefits of Inventory Management   Five Causes of Obsolete Inventory   How […]

  • Clear Spider Ranks As The 2nd Most Popular Inventory Management Software

    Capterra, a popular software directory with over 300 categories recently did a new industry research. The goal was to find out the Top 20 Most Popular Inventory Management Software. Many providers were evaluated based on factors such as their number of customers and users along with the social presence. We are proud to say that Clear Spider ranked as […]

  • Order Management System Must Haves computer flat icon graphic image

    5 Must Haves for Your Order Management System

    Your business may use various channels to collect orders from clients. To name a few, it could be online through your website, via e-mail, or over the telephone. Regardless of the method, it is highly recommended that you employ an Order Management System (OMS). This will allow you to consolidate, manage and track all orders in […]

  • financesonline software

    Clear Spider Wins The 2016 Rising Star Award From FinancesOnline

    Rising Star Award FinancesOnline, a popular software review platform, recently prepared a detailed review of Clear Spider. They thoroughly tested the functionality of our service. The final results of that test, which you can find here, were extremely positive. To our pleasure, their review team distinguished us with two of their prestigious awards: the Great User Experience Award, […]

  • Mobile App Release - Feature Image

    Announcement: Clear Spider Mobile App Release

    At Clear Spider, we are always looking for ways to give our customers more. As the first to put our inventory system on the cloud, we continue to lead innovation with our mobile app. Clear Spider already offers clients a powerful back-end system, mobile scanning, and cloud-based access. Our mobile app brings these elements together in […]

  • how do we integrate

    Clear Spider Questions: How Do We Integrate?

    In today’s fast-paced world, organizations have an increasing need for specialized software. Instead of using one generic enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, firms are now using multiple specialized applications. However, this opens the door for problems with info flow between systems. With seamless and automated integration, this can minimize if not eliminate this risk. Integration is when multiple software […]

  • Are you Ready for Inventory Management Software - Featured Image

    Are You Ready For Inventory Management Software?

    Managing inventory in today’s fast-paced world can be a daunting task. For this reason, many organizations are using specialized inventory management software. It provides them with the ability to manage inventory and analyze trends effectively. However, many companies are still asking one important question: “Is my organization ready to implement inventory management software?” Is there an inventory system out […]