Inventory Management

  • guide to inventory metrics

    A Guide to Inventory Metrics: What You Need to Know

    Do the physical items in your inventory match your accounting records? What is the average number of days it takes to sell your items? There’s a lot that goes into supply chain management, and inventory metrics should be leveraged to guide your decision-making and operations. What are Inventory Metrics? Inventory metrics help you track your […]

  • Single-Use Plastics Graphic

    Single-Use Plastics: Transitioning the Supply Chain

    What are Single-Use Plastics? Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown out or recycled. In recent years, cities from all over the world have began imposing restrictions on them. It started out with plastic grocery bags. And now, the campaign for reducing plastic waste has led to the ban of other single-use […]

  • Meal Kit Delivery Supply Chain

    How Meal Kit Delivery Services Manage Their Supply Chains

    Having fresh, ready-to-cook meals delivered to your door may seem like a simple way to get food on the table. However, the supply chain behind every meal kit delivery business is both complex and time-pressured. These companies must invest more effort into ensuring seamless logistics – from sourcing the ingredients, portioning and packaging the meals, […]

  • why packaging is important in supply chain management 3d colorful boxes

    Why Packaging is Important in Supply Chain Management

    Packaging is important to any business with inventory. In both B2B and B2C, many will agree that it plays a big role in the supply chain. In this blog post, we will discuss how packaging can optimize your supply chain in areas such as logistics, warehousing and more. Design  Functionality coincides with good design. Two relevant […]

  • when not to use RFID scanning and how to choose the right tools

    When NOT To Use RFID: Choosing the Right Tools for Your Supply Chain

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that is consistently receives attention in supply chain news. It is no secret that RFID is a highly useful tool that many companies rely on. Businesses continue to implement it in a variety of ways into their systems on an ongoing basis. But despite the buzz, is it […]

  • Leaning Thinking Supply Chain

    Can Your Supply Chain Benefit from Lean Thinking?

    Many principles and approaches to manufacturing have formed throughout the years and are still used today. There are many ways to go about the manufacturing process, but for this blog post, we will be focusing on lean thinking and how it may benefit your business. What is lean thinking? For starters, lets talk about what lean […]

  • 3 Reasons Inventory Management Matters in Food Service

    In recent years, studies have shown that the world’s population wastes about half of the food we produce. Food waste has been a concerning issue generally, especially so in the food industry. But with proper inventory management, business owners can save a lot in ways they may not have thought of before. Though it may be common knowledge […]

  • 3 Ways IKEA Aces Inventory Management (And You Can Too)

    Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has since become a household name, filling these households with their products. As of 2017, there are 411 IKEA locations in 49 countries. Carrying 9500 products in their range, most of these are produced in Europe. As you can tell, coordination is vital to operations. So, what differentiates IKEA inventory from […]

  • Omnichannel: Is it still the future of retail?

    Since its introduction in the late 2000s, omnichannel has hit buzzword status. For many years, retailers have been striving to give customers this seamless experience. It’s been a decade since Macy’s became the omnichannel poster child. At the time, omnichannel was dubbed the “future of retail.” But now, the future is here. Is the future still omnichannel? Or has its time come […]

  • H&M’s $4.3 Billion of Obsolete Inventory – And How You Can Avoid It

    The market of fast fashion is exactly that – fast, and H&M is having a hard time keeping up. Competitors like ASOS and Boohoo have cut down their supply chains to between two to four weeks. In contrast, H&M is falling behind with a six month turnaround time. Although H&M was once a top performer and pioneer […]

  • Cycle Count Best Practices: The Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing

    Previously, in our Inventory Management Features series, we went over the basics and benefits of cycle counts. This time, we will go more into depth and explore how you can improve your cycle count. In simple terms, a cycle count is the audit practice of checking the inventory levels  on a continued schedule. However, cycle counts are usually limited […]

  • Inventory Management Lessons From March Madness

    I know what you’re thinking– how could inventory management possibly be related to a NCAA basketball tournament? Here’s the thing: they’re more alike than you may know. From preparation to execution to the end result, there are many lessons from March Madness that you can apply to the way you manage your inventory. Are You […]