Series: The Future of Warehouse Technology

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    The Future of Warehouse Technology: The Internet of Things

    You may have heard the Internet of Things as an industry buzzword, but what exactly does it mean? The IoT refers to virtually connected objects that communicate with one another through technology. The 3 basic components required are sensors, internet connectivity, and processors that provide the computing power. With sensors from the physical device, information […]

  • Image Recognition Technology

    The Future of Warehouse Technology: Image Recognition

    Image Recognition Technology is software that is able to identify and classify elements in an image. It refers to machine vision and the computing powers that are increasingly similar to what humans can do. It is also a central concept in our current blog series – the future of warehouse technology. In Part 1 and […]

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    The Future of Warehouse Technology: Drones

    Last week, we kicked off our blog series on warehouse technology exploring robotics and how they can improve your warehouse operations. This week, we’ll be diving into a more  specific aspect of robotic technology. Drones – robots that can fly! Whether you know them as drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the idea is that […]