Supply Chain

  • Protect against cybercrime - chain and lock around computer

    Protect Against Cybercrime – How Cybersecurity Helps!

    Welcome to part two of our blog series! It is estimated that there will be a $2 trillion loss due to cybercrime in 2019.As mentioned last week, cybercrime is an ongoing threat and supply chains are at risk. Cybersecurity will help to defend against cybercriminals and is essential to ensure that all of your important […]

  • Sears' supply chain management disaster - appliances

    Why Sears Is A Supply Chain Management Disaster

    Sears, once a cultural treasure, was in business for 125 years and was one of America’s more recognizable home brands. Think Amazon, but in catalog – print form.  Sears was well-known for brands such as, Kenmore for appliances, Craftsman for tools, and car batteries that were sold under the name DieHard. Until recently, a Sears’ […]

  • AR and VR technologies changing the supply chain by showing the person wearing a headset signals

    New Technologies Changing the Supply Chain

    Over the past couple weeks, we have found that both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), are assets throughout the supply chain. With new developments, increased availability, and reduced costs, they are becoming the technologies to key an eye out for. Businesses have access to a lot more data, and they are using this […]

  • phone using augmented reality to find items in a warehouse

    New Technology Changing The Supply Chain – Augmented Reality

    As mentioned last week, we will be diving into augmented reality (AR). Cell phones and tablets are the way AR gets into most people’s lives. An example is an app called Layar. It uses the smartphone’s GPS and camera to collect information about the user. Then, it displays information about nearby restaurants, stores and points […]

  • New technology changing the supply chain - Augmented Reality- Computerized brain

    New Technology Changing The Supply Chain

    Welcome to our new blog series! In these next couple posts we will be talking about: augmented reality (AR) virtual reality (VR) You will learn the difference between them, what their uses are, and how they help with inventory management. Almost everyone now has heard of AR, and VR. The most common use for these […]

  • Angel and Devil using ethics in supply chains

    10 Tips For Using Ethics Throughout Your Supply Chain

    Ethics throughout your supply chain are essential for your business and reputation. More than 4 in 5 customers claim that the ethical standards of retailers matter to them. As a business professional, you should have a strong commitment to continue to adopt the best practices for ethics throughout your supply chain. In this article we give […]

  • A person acting like artificial intelligence would

    Using Artificial Intelligence in Inventory Management

    In order to grow your business, you must consider some key factors that will affect inventory management. When working with stock you are always managing inventory levels, optimizing space, dealing with inaccurate forecasting, along with customer satisfaction. All these factors are unavoidable. Without the proper technology, it is extremely difficult to keep track of everything. […]

  • Single-Use Plastics Graphic

    Single-Use Plastics: Transitioning the Supply Chain

    What are Single-Use Plastics? Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown out or recycled. In recent years, cities from all over the world have began imposing restrictions on them. It started out with plastic grocery bags. And now, the campaign for reducing plastic waste has led to the ban of other single-use […]

  • m-commerce desktop versus phone gradient flat icon image

    Is M-Commerce Just as Important as E-Commerce?

    E-commerce has been around for a while now and many businesses use it for day to day activities. With the Internet being so accessible, it is easy for both consumers and businesses to interact. But now, there is m-commerce. Is it just as important as e-commerce? Should you be paying attention? Read more to find […]

  • Supply Chain in the Sharing Economy

    The sharing economy is somewhat of a newer concept. Also known as the shareconomy or the collaborative economy, the idea is simple. Harnessing the power of the Internet its use of big data, it uses the concept of an open source community, allowing for peer-to-peer sharing. Prime examples of businesses that partake in the sharing […]

  • Circular Fashion Graphic Design

    Circular Fashion: Is It the Future of the Fashion Industry?

    Fashion and textiles is a fast industry. With new designs coming out weekly, retailers need to keep up. Consumers are more demanding than ever, and they want things now. With the ever increasing growth the clothing industry experiences, retailers need to figure out how navigate the demand. This is where fast fashion comes into the […]

  • why packaging is important in supply chain management 3d colorful boxes

    Why Packaging is Important in Supply Chain Management

    Packaging is important to any business with inventory. In both B2B and B2C, many will agree that it plays a big role in the supply chain. In this blog post, we will discuss how packaging can optimize your supply chain in areas such as logistics, warehousing and more. Design  Functionality coincides with good design. Two relevant […]