• Technology: Redefining the Supply Chain

    The rise of new technologies is quickly evolving and changing the way businesses work every day! Companies adapt to these advances and find new ways to make their processes quicker, manageable and more efficient. As a result, technology is redefining the supply chain as we know it.  The predicted most influential supply chain technologies of 2019 […]

  • An example of the native shopping experience on Instagram

    An Upcoming Technology: The Native Shopping Experience

    Today, mobile apps are creating a more user-friendly, seamless, and fluid experience, with many different interactions. It is estimated that the number of mobile phone users is expected to reach 5 billion in 2019. Because of this, retailers have to focus on the customers experience and their journeys when online. With the many interruptions, it is very easy for shoppers to get distracted from an […]

  • AR and VR technologies changing the supply chain by showing the person wearing a headset signals

    New Technologies Changing the Supply Chain

    Over the past couple weeks, we have found that both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), are assets throughout the supply chain. With new developments, increased availability, and reduced costs, they are becoming the technologies to key an eye out for. Businesses have access to a lot more data, and they are using this […]

  • messages to an eye using virtual reality

    New Technology Changing the Supply Chain – Virtual Reality

    As mentioned last week in our blog post talking about augmented reality, we will be taking a closer look this week at virtual reality. We all know that we have five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. Everything that we know about our reality comes by way of our senses. So, if you present […]

  • Blockchain Technology Graphic

    Top 3 Companies Using Blockchain in Supply Chain

    What if there was a system that could securely track assets and transactions within a business network? What if you could see into the operations of 100 other business partners? Imagine the efficiencies it could bring across your supply chain! This is blockchain. What is Blockchain Technology? Essentially, it is a chain of digital blocks that […]

  • warehouse technology agv robotics inventory boxes on shelves flat icon graphic

    The Future of Warehouse Technology: Robotics

    In this 4-part blog series, we will look at the ways warehouse technology has transformed the supply chain. Topics we will cover include robotics, drones, image recognition technology, and the Internet of Things. Remember when warehousing was a labor intensive trade that required numerous workers and line managers? Now, humans and machines work together in […]

  • when not to use RFID scanning and how to choose the right tools

    When NOT To Use RFID: Choosing the Right Tools for Your Supply Chain

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that is consistently receives attention in supply chain news. It is no secret that RFID is a highly useful tool that many companies rely on. Businesses continue to implement it in a variety of ways into their systems on an ongoing basis. But despite the buzz, is it […]

  • 3 Ways AI Will Benefit Supply Chain

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, could be the next big  industry-changing technology for supply chain. In recent years, market leaders like Google and Apple have mass acquired AI startups. But, this is only the beginning for this disruptive technology. In this post, we’ll talk about 3 ways AI will benefit supply chain. What is artificial intelligence? Although […]

  • 4 Ways Blockchain Will Revolutionize Supply Chain

    What is blockchain? Talk about this technology has been all over the internet lately, but what does it mean? A blockchain is a database of transactions that holds records (blocks). These linked blocks are secured using cryptography. The data in these transactions cannot be changed or deleted, which results in a permanent trail of info. Here’s how blockchain can […]