Intuitive Design

All the tools you need are readily available and organized with a user-centric focus.

Inventory Management Doesn’t Have to be Complex

Just because your organization has complex inventory processes doesn’t mean you need a complex inventory system. Clear Spider’s intuitive design provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies inventory management. No matter the size or complexity of your inventory processes we make managing every step straight-forward.

  • Increase Task Efficiency
  • Decrease Training and Support Costs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Eliminate Non-Value Adding Functionality

Clear Spider is a customizable system that allows you to eliminate non-value adding functionality. Out-of-the-box systems are generically built so their solutions will satisfy the majority of companies that purchase their product. They include all of the functionality their system is capable of, whether or not your business needs it. These unused features end up hindering productivity levels by cluttering the system and making navigation more difficult.

Customize Clear Spider’s functionality on a user-to-user basis. Your staff will perform tasks more efficiently when the tools they need are easy to find and readily available. Make completing tasks straightforward by having only the needed features easily accessible.

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Easily Manage Tasks

The Clear Spider system design makes it effortless to navigate and complete tasks. All tasks that need to be completed appear on the homepage of the system in a To-Do list. Tasks that appear in the To-Do list can be
customized to your company’s specific workflow.

Common tasks or processes that appear in the To-Do list include acknowledgments, shipping, pick and pack, issues and inspections. In addition to this, an overview of all of the inbound and outbound orders shows how many items in total are shipping, receiving, billing, have issues, and need inspections. This makes it simple to quickly navigate the system and complete day-to-day tasks.

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