Automated Industrial Vending

Automatic access to tools and equipment decreases shortages and retrieval time.

What is Automated Industrial Vending?

Industrial vending machines allow your employees to quickly access tools and equipment right when they need them. Automated Industrial Vending Inventory Management makes it easy to track all of your items that go in and out of your vending machines. Employees enter the item and quantity they need into the vending machine, then based on their individual access, the equipment will be dispensed. Industrial Vending is a simple solution to the complex problem of monitoring and tracking your company’s equipment.

Benefits of Using Automated Vending

Clear Spider’s Automated Vending function automatically tracks items that are dispensed and records when they have been returned. Use this function to monitor individual employees and restrict access to items based on their department, job title, or limit the quantity that they are able to dispense. Industrial Vending Inventory Management can boost your company’s efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

  • Supplies are Readily Available
  • Inventory is Automated
  • Eliminate Shortages
  • Eliminate Theft and Misuse
  • Reduce Inventory Levels

Items That Are Commonly Stored in Industrial Vending Machines

Category Items
Safety Equipment Ear protection, safety glasses or goggles, first aid, gloves, vests, hard hat.
Test Instruments Pressure gauges, gas analyzers, anemometers, adhesion testers.
Fasteners Hardware, hooks, bolts, anchors, nails, nuts, rivets.
Power Tools Heat guns, power shears, drills.
Hand Tools Torque wrench, pipe wrench, clamps, pliers, bolt cutters.
Office Supplies Toner cartridges, laptops, batteries, utensils, paper, binders.

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