Serialized Inventory

Create a record of each item’s product history so you can easily view historical data.

How Our Clients Use Serialized Inventory

Serial numbers are a unique form of inventory tracking because they can be used beyond the sale of a product. Clear Spider customers use Serialized Inventory Management for:

    • Confirm Product Ownership
    • Process Improvement
    • Product Recalls
    • Quality Control
    • Traceability
    • Tracking Parts
    • Warranties

Why Should You Use Serial Numbers?

When products are serialized, each item is assigned its own unique number that can differentiate it from the rest of your inventory. Using serial numbers helps track warranties, trace items, and confirm ownership. Items that use serial numbers are typically more expensive products, such as appliances, electronics, automobiles, and jewelry.

  • Cell Phones (IMEI/MEID/ICCID)
  • Jewelry (Certificate)
  • Vehicles (VIN)
  • Electronics (S/N)
  • Pharmaceutical (Certificate)

Using Serial Numbers for Process Improvement

Process improvement is the practice of continuously advancing the production of your products. Serial numbers can improve your processes by allowing your company to find defective products, or products in need of repair. Once a faulty product is found, you can determine the cause of the defect, and make the appropriate process changes to prevent defects from reoccurring. Process improvements are directly linked to enhancing your organization’s quality control and the need to maintain the quality of your product, to meet your customers’ expectations.

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