Clear Spider Kiosk

Effortless and efficient inventory management in a fast-paced environment

Complete Inventory Solution

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  • The Clear Spider kiosk features an interactive display screen with a built-in scanner and can either be installed as a wall-mount or a desktop. It combines state of the art hardware with a robust back-end to offer you a complete inventory solution. The kiosk includes:

      • A built-in scanner to scan items on the go.
      • Highly customizable user interface and experience.
      • Latest version of Clear Spider software for 24/7 use.

    Clear Spider’s Kiosk is tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and offer better inventory management.

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    Avoid Stock-Out

    Get real-time visibility of your inventory. As your employees consume or receive an item, they simply scan the barcode. Information is updated on the back-end immediately. You can set up automatic replenishment to maintain inventory levels and ensure orders are never late. You can also setup automatic receiving of goods coming into your storerooms.

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    Improve Procurement

    Clear Spider Kiosk enhances your procurement operations by tracking the stock levels and consumption patterns. Having the most up-to-date information is important to know exactly when items need to be restocked. The system also sends notifications to your procurement professional to reorder items without having to do a cycle count, improving their productivity.

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    Reduce Costs

    This device reduces costs by making your employees more efficient. As they scan and go, it can keep track of which items should be charged to which cost centers, work orders, etc. The system can also create purchase orders, reducing reordering costs. Inventory specific analytics and measurements ensure that you have the optimal amount of stock on hand.

Clear Spider Kiosk Features

  • Consumption

    Clear Spider Kiosk makes consumption quick and user-friendly. Employees scan the barcode on the item and go. The system logs the transaction tracks all changes and updates the inventory in real-time. In addition, Clear Spider can automatically create purchase orders when inventory levels for those items approach their reorder points. When your supplier fulfills the order, simply scan the items through or auto receive them based upon your supplier’s ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification).

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  • Clear Spider kiosk product look-up

  • Product Look Up

    Determine the location, quantity, and other necessary details, instantly, using the Clear Spider Kiosk. You can search your inventory by scanning the product barcode, or through various search parameters, such as part numbers, group numbers, etc. To verify the stock quantity, you can perform a cycle count by using a mobile phone, or a hand-held scanner, making the required changes to your inventory levels.

  • Track User ID

    If needed, Clear Spider Kiosk can track the users of the device by their ID. Each user can be given a specific ID that they key in to scan and consume items. This creates accountability for the work performed and you can identify the user responsible for any action. The system also has the ability to include jobs, work orders, or cost centers for items taken, providing a full audit trail.

  • Clear Spider kiosk user ID

For a full list of features, check out the Mobile Solutions.

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