Mobile Solutions

Boost efficiency and improve visibility with Clear Spider’s mobile inventory management solution.

Inventory Management On-The-Go

Improve inventory accuracy with real-time inventory management on-the-go. Employees can update inventory levels wherever they are with the Clear Spider mobile app. Increase overall accuracy and reliability of inventory data by eliminating time-lag in the initial entry. The Clear Spider app is available on any mobile device. Improve employee efficiency by giving them flexibility and mobility in and out of their working environment.

Boost Efficiency with Mobile Access

Complete inventory transactions from any device, using the Clear Spider mobile app. Make adjustments, add items, create orders, view product stock locations, and more. Boost efficiency, and cut down on overall task completion time, by increasing inventory visibility. Optimize inventory levels through more accurate product demand, and timely feedback on product performance.

  • Work Offline

    The Clear Spider Mobile App’s offline mode, allows users to work, even when there is no network connection. The app stores a local database of inventory information, directly on the phone. As offline transactions are completed, they are recorded to the phone. Once a connection is established, data is posted to the system.

  • Quick Scan

    Record transactions and scan items with your smartphone camera. Through the use of Clear Spider technology and QR codes, scans are completed quickly even in suboptimal conditions. Our app is optimized for medium to light scanning on regular smartphones. Scanner add-ons can be used to accommodate higher frequency scanning.

  • Full Visibility

    Access inventory information from anywhere, at any time. Clear Spider’s Mobile App connects to our cloud-based system, to push and pull information. Create orders, record cycle counts, and check inventory levels, even when you’re out of the office. This level of visibility allows for further collaboration, and enhanced communication.


Need more information on mobile inventory management? Learn more here.

Mobile Barcode Scanner Options

The Clear Spider app can be used with any current mobile device. Smartphones, tablets, and mobile barcode scanners are all compatible with Clear Spider’s inventory software. We understand selecting the right mobile device can be tricky, so our team at Clear Spider is here to help recommend the right technology for your organization.

The app can also be used on the Clear Spider Kiosk. This scanner is highly intuitive and well-suited for facilities that demand a quick turnaround on inventory-related tasks. We understand that time is crucial for your business, and this technology will help you streamline your inventory process. Learn more about the Clear Spider Kiosk here.

Mobile Features


Record inventory usage through your mobile device to keep the system up-to-date.

Fill Orders

Receive shipments by using your mobile device to confirm what items were delivered.

Create Order

Place new orders directly from your mobile device or set them to be approved at a later time.

Check Levels

The item list lets you see inventory at any location and how much is available.

Item Lookup

Our partial search function makes it easy to look up items by name or part number.

To-do List

See the status of all current orders, or filter them by number or their current stage.

Cycle Count

Scan inventory items and key in item quantities to perform cycle counts on your smartphone.


Reconcile item counts right away by recording adjustments from your smartphone.

Transfer Items

Record location transfers right when they happen to keep inventory data accurate.

Transaction History

A two-day log is stored on the device so you can review previous transactions on-the-go.

Offline Mode

Continue to work on the mobile app even when there is no network connection.

Barcode Scan

Use your smartphone camera to scan items for efficient data entry and other transactions.

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