Consequences of Poor Inventory Management


Consequences of Poor Inventory Management

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Consequences of Poor Inventory ManagementAddress These Problems Now!


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  • You’ll spend unnecessary amounts of money on items that will not profit your business
  • Without access to real time information you won’t know how or where products move, so theft, obsolete items, etc. will make tracking inventory nearly impossible.
  • A lack of inventory balance makes product shortages and overstocking unavoidable.
  • Valuable time and human capital is being spent completing tasks a system could manage.
  • When you lack the fluidity an inventory management system, introduces your space becomes cluttered and difficult to effectively work in.
  • Without having the resources to analyze inventory trends, you will unknowingly make decisions that don’t provide the greatest return.
  • When employees are continuously completing tasks that could be quickly managed by a system they become inefficient in the workplace.
  • Difficulty in tracking inventory results in shipping and delivery delays caused by orders not being replenished on time or items being unavailable when they’re needed.
  • Difficulty in tracking inventory results in running out of stock when it is needed, causing you to increase lead time times, ultimately disappointing the customer.
  • The more energy customers use to make sure you’re filling their orders correctly, the more unsatisfied they become. Not being able to ship or deliver on time results in rocky relationships and decreases customer loyalty.

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So You Want to Manage Your Inventory Better?Introduction

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Who Needs It?

A Real Life

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Better Inventory Control
Means Better Businessbenefits

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Address These
Problems Now!consequences final

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What to Look For
in a Solutionemail4

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Take Action Today

Why Do
Something Now?email6 (1)

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Why Clear Spider?


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