Articles written about the latest supply chain and inventory management news and trends.

  • How AI is Improving Safety in the Warehouse

    Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in recent years, and it doesn’t look like that will die down any time soon. Previously, we’ve talked about its effect on supply chain, but for this blog post, we will be focusing on AI in warehousing. Here are 3 ways AI is making the workplace safer. Autonomous […]

  • Supply Chain in the Sharing Economy

    The sharing economy is somewhat of a newer concept. Also known as the shareconomy or the collaborative economy, the idea is simple. Harnessing the power of the Internet its use of big data, it uses the concept of an open source community, allowing for peer-to-peer sharing. Prime examples of businesses that partake in the sharing […]

  • Circular Fashion: Is It the Future of the Fashion Industry?

    Fashion and textiles is a fast industry. With new designs coming out weekly, retailers need to keep up. Consumers are more demanding than ever, and they want things now. With the ever increasing growth the clothing industry experiences, retailers need to figure out how navigate the demand. This is where fast fashion comes into the […]