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  • omnichannel-is-it-still-the-future-of-retail

    Omnichannel: Is it still the future of retail?

    Since its introduction in the late 2000s, omnichannel has hit buzzword status. For many years, retailers have been striving to give customers this seamless experience. It’s been a decade since Macy’s became the omnichannel poster child. At the time, omnichannel was dubbed the “future of retail.” But now, the future is here. Is the future still omnichannel? Or has its time come […]

  • hms-4-3-billion-of-obsolete-inventory-and-how-you-can-avoid-it2

    H&M’s $4.3 Billion of Obsolete Inventory – And How You Can Avoid It

    The market of fast fashion is exactly that – fast, and H&M is having a hard time keeping up. Competitors like ASOS and Boohoo have cut down their supply chains to between two to four weeks. In contrast, H&M is falling behind with a six month turnaround time. Although H&M was once a top performer and pioneer […]

  • cycle-count-best-practices

    Cycle Count Best Practices: The Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing

    Previously, in our Inventory Management Features series, we went over the basics and benefits of cycle counts. This time, we will go more into depth and explore how you can improve your cycle count. In simple terms, a cycle count is the audit practice of checking the inventory levels  on a continued schedule. However, cycle counts are usually limited […]