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  • online vs in-store back-to-school shopping

    Get Ready For Back-To-School Shopping: Online vs In-Store

    Welcome back! As mentioned last week, we will dive deeper into online versus in-store back-to-school shopping. Back-to-school shopping is starting earlier and getting crazier driving some shoppers to choose to shop online instead of facing the busy crowds. Often times, because of the huge spike in sales, online retailers offer free or expedited shipping or same-day delivery to their customers, during this time. Shoppers Surprisingly, less than 50% of […]

  • cart filled with items from back-to-school shopping

    Get Ready For Back-To-School Shopping

    Welcome to our newest blog series! Over the next couple weeks, our blog posts will talk about one of the largest shopping seasons – back-to-school shopping. Back-to-school shopping is considered the second largest shopping season that happens throughout the year. It falls shortly behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It includes more than just pens, pencils, […]

  • overweight truck on a scale

    What’s the Problem With a Little Extra Weight?

    In the United States last year, there were more than 800,000 overweight violations on highways and at weigh stations. When a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is obtained, drivers are expected to keep track of all of the information about their truck. One of the most important pieces of information that they need to keep track […]