Articles written about the latest supply chain and inventory management news and trends.

  • Spotlight Series: Why Clear Spider?

    The employees on the Clear Spider team drive our company! Whether its interacting with our clients, working to improve the development behind our software or working alongside each other, our team demonstrates passion and drive in everything they do!    How do you Choose a Company to Apply to? When choosing a company to work for […]

  • Spotlight Series: Clear Spider

    Welcome to the Clear Spider Spotlight Series! Today we showcase who we are and what we do! Tune in for the next few weeks to learn more about how our team works to best serve our clients and why our employees choose to work here at Clear Spider.   Who are we? Our fearless leaders […]

  • Halloween in the Confectionery Industry Supply Chain

    Everyone’s favourite spooky holiday, Halloween is here! Tonight millions of bright-eyed kids in costumes will be running from door to door collecting candy. But have you wondered about the complex confectionery industry supply chain behind it all?  What Halloween means for the Confectionery Industry Candy sales skyrocket during this time of year. Families and homeowners […]