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  • There are $1.75 Trillion Reasons to Care about the Ghost Economy

    In a research report in 2015, IHL Group, a retail analyst firm, found that $1.75 trillion dollars are lost every year due to the ghost economy. The term ghost economy is unknown to many retailers. It’s the hidden costs that appear due to inefficiencies that are preventable. They are made up of many components. Instead […]

  • A person acting like artificial intelligence would

    Using Artificial Intelligence in Inventory Management

    In order to grow your business, you must consider some key factors that will affect inventory management. When working with stock you are always managing inventory levels, optimizing space, dealing with inaccurate forecasting, along with customer satisfaction. All these factors are unavoidable. Without the proper technology, it is extremely difficult to keep track of everything. […]

  • Top 5 Clear Spider Blog Posts of 2018

    Over the past year, we have covered a wide range of topics related to Inventory Management. Here are the top 5 Clear Spider blog posts of 2018: What is Lean Inventory Management? Cycle Count Best Practices: The Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing 3 Ways IKEA Aces Inventory Management (And You Can Too) The […]