Articles written about the latest supply chain and inventory management news and trends.

  • utility industry symbols

    Inventory Management for the Utility Industry

    A recent study was conducted to determine the current state of warehouse and inventory management operations throughout the utility industry. Companies were asked about their inventory visibility and segmentation, stock level criteria practices, and safety stock level determinations. Although utility companies recognize the importance of inventory management, 60% reported poor inventory optimization performance. So what can be done to improve […]

  • computer managing stock control

    Stock Control Tips & Techniques

    Efficient stock control means that you are able to trace and track a particular item throughout your supply chain. Inventory can tie up a lot of your business capital, so it is crucial to have accurate information about stock levels and values. With a good system in place, tracking is straightforward and made easy. Here […]

  • Inventory Management for the Food Industry walking down the aisle

    Inventory Management for the Food Industry

    Inventory management is essential for any and all industries, but it is particularly important for the food industry. The food industry is complex and has many different components. One of the main differences that set the food industry apart from other industries is the quantity of perishable items. They face a number of challenges such […]